Furniture industry

We supply manufacturers of upholstered furniture, mattresses, and household textiles with materials made from wool, cotton, linen, polyester fibers, and their mixtures.For the filling of furniture, blankets, and pillows, we produce carded fiber from polyester and regenerated fiber, as well as fiber balls.We produce non-woven materials in rolls of the ordered width and length. We also cut the materials in pieces according to the given measurements and templates.For more convenient transportation, we mechanically press and vacuum pack the wadding at the customer’s request.

Technical data

We produce materials in rolls of the ordered width and length

Non-woven materials Width, cm Weight, gr/m2
Needle-punched felt 30 ÷ 400 150 ÷ 2000
Thermo-fixed felt 50 ÷ 400 150 ÷ 1000
Thermo-bonded wadding 30 ÷ 340 50 ÷ 1500
Spray-bonded wadding 100 ÷ 320 40 ÷ 350

Tests of the wadding have been carried out in certified foreign laboratories.

The materials are certified in accordance with:

  • Eko-Tex Standard 100;
  • British Standard BS 5852-1982.

The Company’s employees are ready to help the buyer choose a suitable product, carry out the order in a speedy manner, and take care of the delivery.

A wide range of non-woven materials, fast order fulfillment and delivery, flexible price offers directly from the manufacturer.