Clothing Industry

We offer tailors and sewing companies a selection of high quality non-woven fabrics of natural and synthetic fibers – cotton, wool, polyester fiber and their blends. We also produce non-woven foam material from hollow spiral silicone polyester fiber.
We produce non-woven materials in rolls of the ordered width and length. We also cut into pieces according to the given dimensions and templates. For convenient transport,non-woven materials are mechanically compressed or vacuumed at the customer’s request.

Technical data

We produce materials in rolls of the ordered width and length.

Non-woven materials Width, cm Weight, gr/m2
Needle-punched felt 100 ÷ 200 130 ÷ 500
Thermo-fixed felt 100 ÷ 200 150 ÷ 500
Thermo-bonded wadding 100 ÷ 300 50 ÷ 500
Spray-bonded wadding 100 ÷ 200 40 ÷ 350


Non-woven material tests performed in certified foreign laboratories.
These materials are certified according to:

  • Eko-Tex Standard 100.

The materials are:

resistant to dry cleaning;
have good thermal resistance;
meet safety and hygiene requirements.

The employees of the company are ready to help you to choose the right product, take care of your order quickly, to arrange a fast delivery.
Wide range of non-woven materials, fast order fulfillment and delivery, flexible quotes directly from the manufacturer.