About the Company

About the Company

We are one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of nonwoven materials in the Baltic States. Main focus is the production of thermal bonded and spray bonded nonwoven fabrics, needle punched materials, PES fibre balls. We export our products to the countries in Europe, Asia and North America.


Neaustima is known as a recycler of industrial textile waste. We buy textile scraps and threads that occur during manufacturing process at sewing, knitting and spinning factories. Recycled textile fibers are then used in further production of nonwovens.


Neaustima started production of nonwoven materials under other name of company in 1963 in Šiauliai (Lithuania). Since then technologies were improved, company gained invaluable experience in creating new products from various fibres: PES, cotton, camel wool, sheep wool, hemp, flax, viscose, silk, polylactic acid (PLA), recycled fibres. Neaustima has main manufacturing facilities in Šiauliai and the production/sales branch in Vilnius.


Today the Company is trusted by customers that value quality and promptness. Thanks to a qualified team of professionals, Neaustima is a reliable business partner.


The Company produces recycled fibres, PES fibre balls, and nonwoven materials:

  • Thermal bonded wadding/nonwovens,
  • Spray bonded wadding,
  • Needle punched felt,
  • Needle punched and calendered (thermo-fixed) felt.

The following fibers and raw materials are used for manufacturing products:

  • Polyester fiber
  • Polypropylene fiber
  • Cotton
  • Wool (sheep, camel)
  • Flax
  • Hemp
  • Viscose
  • Silk
  • Polylactic acid (PLA)
  • Recycled textile fibers
  • Other fibers

Quality policy

– The Company has implemented the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system.

– The wadding is certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, flammability tests carried out in accordance with LST EN ISO 15025:2006.

– The geotextiles Melite and Geospal are CE certified.

– Quality technological equipment, high qualification of the Company’s team and smooth production process allow the company to produce a variety of materials and satisfy the clients’ wishes.

– The team of Company is ready to help the customer choose the most appropriate product, carry out the order in a speedy manner, and take care of the delivery.